To a new chapter and new beginnings…@louiseliebenberg74・・・My 18-year career at Newspaper House ends today. It has been an incredibly enriching experience, and I am grateful to the editors and colleagues who helped make my journey in media such a meaningful and happy one. I am also thankful for the amazing feedback, encouragement and support received from readers, and the Port Elizabeth and Eastern Cape public, over many years, including as Features Editor this past decade or so. But, as a wise friend recently said to me, ‘Everything has a beginning and an end’. I have been preparing for this day for a long time, and know without doubt it is the right time to move on. Leaving The Herald and Weekend Post is bittersweet, but my overriding feelings are of exhilaration and excitement over the many possibilities lying ahead. Salvelio and I have several foodie, lifestyle and tourism projects we will be putting our combined energies into, not least Casa Milorca, our little guesthouse in Prince Albert in the heart of the Karoo. We will still be based in Port Elizabeth, but will get to spend a bit more time in Prince Albert now. Happily I will also still be doing some freelance writing and editing.

Beautiful, tasty basil

After a few days of cold and rainy weather, the smell of fresh basil in our patio was a clear indication that it was time to make fresh homemade pesto again!!!