When lockdown prevents you from going to Prince Albert one has to be creative at home…#repost @salvelio・・・Project kitchen courtyard began towards the end of December 2019; little did we know what 2020 would have in store for us…Last week we hung the final picture on the wall of this newly repurposed area, bringing a back-breaking but enormously satisfying DIY project to a close.What was for many years nothing more than a dumping ground and a small space (under 10m2) for our rubbish bins and washing line, is now a soulful space bringing a little bit of Spain to our home in Essexvale.Seeing that Louise is minister of finance in our home, I was told the total budget for the project could not exceed R10,000 and this had to include everything, even the roof…The labour part we did ourselves and it was exactly that – a labour of love.🙂🥰Now that it’s finally done, and with all the renovation costs, upcycling of furniture, plants, thrifting and reinventing included, the final cost came to just under R6k It goes to show that beauty really need not come with a hefty price tag at all!