We endorse recycling at all levels…🏻🥘 #repost @salvelio・・・Today is leftovers day at Casa Milorca in PE…for under R15 you can create the tastiest rustic dish ever.This is what you’ll need….4 or 5 small potatoes, 2 eggs, 1 onion, some wors from yesterday’s braai, pimento, salt and your favourite music playing in the background….Fry everything until potatoes are soft, add the eggs and there you go….apart from the soothing music I also love the sound of the leftover change in my pocket..🏻…Is this dish suitable for people on a diet…of course!! Enjoy the dish and continue with the diet tomorrow..

Another diy project done and dusted by @salvelio in PE…🏻 #repost @salvelio・・・Project kitchen started about 6 months ago. My intention was to get it done in a month with a budget of R20k. Due to many factors I got the timing wrong, but the budget was spot on. Almost everything was recycled; I even made my own cement tiles for one of the walls. Time is money they say, but this was a true labour of love and the space is unique to Louise and I. We wanted a sacred space in which we could pursue our love of cooking, surrounded by elements of design inspired by my Spanish roots and our love of colour. Here’s to the next decades of happy cooking….🍾🧑🏻‍